For People-oriented

Ngozi Clara

for Mbaitoli Constituency,
Imo State House of Assembly

Ngozi Clara


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There is chaos all around us, in our villages, towns and state. Before now, we were only worried about dilapidated schools, hospitals, roads, epileptic power supply, unemployment and others that have bitten us for ages, and still biting us. Today, ‘Unknown gunmen’ and indiscriminate killing of our people have become a daily rhetoric. Our people now live in daily fear for their lives.

Unfortunately, despite these chaos and our increasing litany of woes, members of our State House of Assembly have remained loudly silent leaving our people in desperate longing for a John the Baptist whose voice will ECHOE from the wilderness to SPEAK for them and give them hope of a coming Messiah.

We need trained and courageous people-oriented representatives in our State House of Assembly. This is the only way to achieve the good governance that serves and protects Imo people. We need good governance; we deserve good governance; and yes, good governance is possible in our time!

Why I am Running

I joined the 2023 House of Assembly race because I believe our people deserve better than we are getting right now. I want to represent Mbaitoli constituency in the Imo state House of Assembly to give our people competent, people-oriented Representation and sustainable Youth/Women empowerment Legislation.

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My Legislative Goals

As a courageous, legislatively trained, experienced, people-oriented young woman, and a passionate advocate of good governance and economic growth:

I will sponsor bills that will give our youths and women sustainable economic empowerment to generate wealth and create employment.

I will sponsor bills that will protect our men, women, boys and girls, from oppression and exploitation in the hands of political and economic slave masters.

I will sponsor bills that will protect Imo workers, especially civil servants, from 'work no pay'.

I will sponsor bills that will protect our pensioners from 'retirement with no gratuity and pension'.

I will make sure that the voice of MBAITOLI PEOPLE is heard loud and clear.

I will hold regular town-hall meetings with Mbaitoli People to hear their say on burning issues that affect them.

And, with diplomacy and persuasion, I will work assiduously to hold the executive accountable to our people and attract developmental projects to our Local Government. Good Governance is possible!

My Mission Statement

To make sure that the voice of Mbaitoli people is heard loud and clear and sponsor bills that will sustainably empower our people.



My Political Journey

In 2010, months after gaining admission into the University, I ran for the position of Assistant Director of Socials of National Association of Students of English and Literary Studies, UNIPORT Chapter (NASELS UNIPORT) and won.

In 2011, I was elected into the Student Union Government (SUG) Representative Council, University of Port Harcourt where I represented Dan Etete Hostel as a Student Parliamentarian.

In 2012, I was elected Vice President of NASELS UNIPORT and led 34 UNIPORT delegates to the International Conference of Students of English and Literary Studies (ICOSELS).

In 2013, I was elected President of NASELS UNIPORT and became the First ever female to win the position.

In 2015, after completing my NYSC in Katsina, I returned to my home state, Imo, to actively participate in grass root politics, and thereafter engaged in several community service works and political mobilizations.

In 2016, I was elected Secretary-General of Federation of Umuagwuru Youth Association (FUYA).

In 2017, I emerged the Member Representing Umunwoha/ Umuagwu Ward in the Youth Assembly of Nigeria (YAN).

In 2018, I announced my intention to run for councillorship position to represent my people in the Mbaitoli Local Government Representative Council. I won the election and was sworn in as Obi-Mbieri Councillor on 25th August 2018.



Why You Should Believe in me and Support my Aspiration

I am visionary and trained; I have theoretical knowledge and practical experience of Parliamentary works and functions. I am work and result-oriented and energetic. I am a youth who believes in the innovative skills and energy of the youth. And, I believe that as a youth, I must seek counsel and tap from the vast experiences of the elderly.


I have both practical and theoretical training of legislative roles and functions. As a councilor, I went through a compulsory training of all Imo State Councilors and know parliamentary proceedings and functions, as well as the rudiments of lawmaking. I utilized these skills while serving in the Council.

Knowing that I need more training for better service delivery, to keep learning, I applied for the ElectHER Future Lawmakers Programme (EFLP) and was selected as one of the 35 Fellows for the 2021 Cohort. I underwent five months intensive training on Parliamentary Governance; Policy Making; Legislative Bill Drafting; Gender and Governance; Leadership, Ethics, and Critical Thinking; Personal Branding; Electoral Legal Framework; Political Negotiation; and Campaign Strategy. Our training culminated into our visit to National Assembly to observe live plenary at the House of Representatives.


The average lawmaker elected into our parliaments goes into our State and National Assemblies without prior knowledge or experience. Hence they spend months learning the rigours of the job they have been elected to do. But this is not the case with me.

Despite being young, I have practical experience of the workings of the parliament. These experiences and knowledge I have gathered from when I served as a legislator in UNIPORT SUG Parliament, Youth Assembly of Nigeria (YAN) and as elected Councillor of Obi-Mbieri. With my experience, I don’t need to spend months learning the job. I am set to begin making meaningful impact in the Assembly as soon as I am inaugurated.


I am a passionate Good Governance advocate who believes that our multi-dimensional problems can be tackled with the sufficient utilization of the energy and innovative skills of the youths, in synergy with patriotic elders whose vast experience and knowledge cannot be jettisoned.

I believe that we cannot continue to dwell in the failures of our past and current leaders, when we can innovatively use our skills to bring true and efficient leadership that we so dearly need right now.


I am not only interested in policy and law making, but equally passionate about helping the state develop a common vision that will direct both citizens and leaders; help the state develop a crop of leaders focused on driving development of the state; help build leaders who share in my dream to advance the state through GOOD GOVERNANCE, build a state where the rich and the poor can thrive alongside one another.

I believe that this is the time for leaders and citizens to work in ONE Accord to make Good Governance happen in Imo state by collectively building on rule of law, accountability, transparency, competence, innovation, gender inclusion and fair election. I believe that the problems we face due to insecurity, unemployment, poor healthcare and mediocre education, poor governance and representation, lack of and dilapidated infrastructure, dwindling economy and violent elections are due to insincerity and/or lack of political will of the leaders and political illiteracy and nonchalance of the citizens.



Education (Schools attended with dates)

1993-1995 Chi-Intercontinental Nursery and Primary School Owerri

1995-1996 Community Primary School Umuagwu Mbieri

1996-2001 State School III Sangana, Port Harcourt

2001-2007 Holy Rosary Secondary School Port Harcourt

2009 -2014 University of Port Harcourt